Department of Power Engineering

The Department of Electrical Power Engineering is the oldest in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, its research dating back to 1968. Currently, the Department of Electrical Power Engineering offers the following programs:
  • BSc. in Electrical Power Engineering;
  • MSc. in Electrical Power Engineering, in four subgroups: Power Systems, Power Electronics and Electrical Machines, Power System Programming and Management, and Electrical Transportation Systems;
  • PhD. in Electrical Power Engineering, in two subgroups: Power Systems, and Power Electronics and Electrical Machines.
The department provides the following four laboratories, equipped with industry’s latest technology, for the benefit of undergraduate students: Electrical machines, Electrical circuits, Electrical measurement, and the Electric workshop. In addition, postgraduate students are provided with the following research laboratories: Finite element, Power quality, Electrical drives, Power electronics and drive, Digital protection, FACTs, Power systems, Intelligent energy systems, and Electricity market and distribution networks.

Research Facilities

Research fields of Department of Power Engineering

Department of Power Engineering relied on experienced teachers have extensive research activities in different branches of power engineering. Some of them are as follows:

- Electrical Machines

·         Design of Conventional and Advanced Special Electrical Machines

·         Transformers Design

·         Variable Speed Generators Design

·         Electrical Machine Drives

·         Design of EV and HEVs

·         Linear Motors

- Power Electronics

·         Power Electronic Converters Design and Analysis

·         Control Methods of Power Electronic Converters

·         Active Filters

·         Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

- Power Quality

- Power Systems

·         Advanced Power System Operation

·         Power System Planning

·         Power System Reliability

·         Power System Restructuring

·         Reactive Power Control of Power Systems

·         Power System Dynamics and Stability

·         HVDC

- Power Systems Protection

·         Advanced Power Systems Protection

·         Digital Protection

·         Power System Transients

- Advanced High Voltage Engineering

- Renewable Energies

·         Distributed Generation

·         Energy Management

·         Electricity Market

·         Electric Power Distribution


Last Update At : 17 June 2017