Department of Electronics Engineering


The Electronics Engineering Department aims to achieve high professional standards of research and education. The department acquaints the students with the behaviour and effects of electrons (as in electron tubes and transistors) and with electronic devices, systems, or equipment and continues to offer M.Sc. programs in the OIC and IC design areas. Additionally, new research areas, namely, MEMS and applied electronics have been recently added to M.Sc. programs.

The research interests of the department are as follows:
· Optical VLSI Devices
· All-Optical Devices of Communication and Instrumentation Networks
· Mixed-mode CMOS Circuit Design
· High Speed and High Resolution Data Converters
· Biomedical Integrated Circuit
· RF ASIC Design for Multi-Standard and Multi-mode Receivers
· High-Level Test Evaluation and Fault Tolerant Reconfigurable System Design
· Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of MEMS Devices
· Microprocessor-Based Instrumentation
· Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
· Intelligent Algorithms
· Man-Machine Interfacing
· Mobile Robotics Positioning


Electronics Engineering Department Labs
· Electronics
· Logic Circuits
· Computer Architecture
· Microprocessors
· Pulse Techniques
· Photonics & Nano-Crystals
· Sensors & Microsystems
· Analog Integrated Systems


Last Update At : 17 June 2017