Department of Communications Engineering

The Communications Engineering Department, established in 1986, offers three programs to prepare students for careers in communications. This department engages in research and teaching in communications and offers curricula leading to the B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in the areas of communication systems, and fields & waves. The department provides an in-depth training in modern communication engineering concepts, with special emphasis on RF design, wireless communications, mobile multimedia and optical communication systems. Participants attain a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of communication systems, signal processing and optical data communications. Students will find the course attractive due to its high technological relevance to an exciting, rapidly expanding and flourishing industry

The department conducts research in the broad areas of:

· Communications and Networking

· Signal and Image Processing

· Microwave Engineering

· Biomedical Signal Processing

· Mobile Communications

· Multirate and Wavelet Signal Processing

· Adaptive Filters

· Image Coding

· Machine Vision

· Fields & Waves

· Numerical Electromagnetics

· Antennas

· Microstrips

· Wireless Sensor Networks

Communications Engineering Department Labs:

· Communication Circuits

· Switching & Communication Networks

· Antennas

· Microwave

· Image Processing & Machine Vision


· Speech & Biomedical Processing

Last Update At : 17 June 2017